Are you tired of seeing a massage therapist to "rub" the same sore spots time after time?

Do you feel better after a massage for a couple of hours, maybe even a couple days, only for pain to return?

Have you spent hundreds, thousands even, on massage therapy over the years, to not get anywhere?

It may be time for you to book a session with Shelbi... 

What's so different?

Neurokinetic Therapy is the most accurate assessment technique I have learned this far in my career.
It utilizes neurological muscle testing techniques to determine the source of dysfunction and pain.
For example, you may have pain in your shoulder. It may be related to work, stress, activity, etc. Neurokinetic Therapy utilizes these testing techniques to discover why your brain is creating a pain sensation in your shoulder, and address the issue there, in the brain.

How does it work?

As I explained above, we utilize testing to find the source of the issue and change it in the brain. How do we do this? Well, first and foremost, accurate testing is a must. NKT does an amazing job teaching the ins and outs of muscle testing to ensure that we are getting the answers we need, to lead us to the source of pain or discomfort. Next, we release the pattern in the brain. How? This is where excellent hands on experience helps. I utilize soft-tissue release techniques followed by activation techniques. (That’s the massage part). Then we integrate the changes into the system through movement patterns. 

What to Expect from a treatment...

Expect your questions to be answered and your issues to be addressed. The protocol for treatment is not reliant upon logic per say, but palpation and testing results. For example, you may have a shoulder issue, and I may start working in your hips first. I let your body dictate the order of treatment. 

What's the difference between Massage and NKT?

Massage is a broad term for the release of soft tissue structures in the body. It is not an accurate and effective way to assess why there’s pain in the body, Neurokinetic Therapy is. The difference then, is one is an accurate way to know how (NKT) to utilize the other (Massage Therapy) to get the most dramatic and efficient changes in the body. 

Who Else uses NKT?

I have taken class along-side other massage therapists, athletic trainers of all varieties, chiropractors, physical therapists, sports MD's and even acupuncturists.  The NKT world is vast! We cross all sectors of physical health care and all have a different approach, giving you a an excellent chance of receiving the fastest most affective work for you!

          Click above to find a Neurokinetic Therapist in your area!

          Click above to find a Neurokinetic Therapist in your area!


  • Received Certification from Soma Insititute for Clinical Massage Therapy in 2009 - Chicago Illinois
  • Received Master of Clinical Massage Therapy from Soma in 2010 - Chicago IL 
  • Became Certfied in Pre-Natal Massagein 2010 - Chicago IL
  • Received Certification from Neurokinetic Therapy in 2015 Level 1 and 2