Brain Power for Better Fitness


You've heard the old adage "work smarter, not harder"? Well at NeuroActive Fitness that's exactly what you'll do. Utilizing  the neurodevelopment principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization we teach you to move smarter, better, faster, all while reducing pain and chance of injury.


NeuroActive Fitness classes are based largely on the concepts of DNS, or Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization.  These techniques are already being used at the highest levels of professional and Olympic sport.  Our classes are a way to bring that training to athletes of all levels in an affordable and accessible way.  

NeuroActive Fitness is a program that can improve nearly all aspects of sport and athletic performance. So whatever you it better.

Strength - Your brain will recruit the required muscles more appropriately and cause you to use better form, which makes it easier to produce force.  

Flexibility - Your brain will place the joints in balance, requiring less guarding of the muscles controlling the joint, making those muscles easier to lengthen.

Accuracy - Once the ideal movement pattern is automatic, reproducing the movement is less difficult.  Movement is not sport specific, it is human specific

Speed - More ideal movement patterns are more efficient and allow more control over speed than dysfunctional movements.

Endurance  - Ideal movement is also less stressful on the body and allows the athlete to perform those movements longer.  

Injury Prevention - Ideal movement reduces overload on bodily structures that causes them to break down.

Science Behind it...

NeuroActive Fitness implements the concepts and techniques put forth by Pavel Kolar called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization or DNS.  DNS has been absolutely earth shatteringly ground breaking, and NeuroActive Fitness is a way to get what the pros get without the high cost.  In short, during the first few years of life, and infant's brain develops in a rather specific way in order to control the neuromuscular system.  For most children, this happens automatically without any intervention whatsoever.  Over time, however, we develop certain dysfunctional stabilization strategies to compensate for injuries or postures etc.  DNS (and NeuroActive Fitness) are able to essentially "reboot" that software in the brain that got us upright and walking in infancy with ideal stabilization strategies and movement patterns.   


NeuroActive Health & Fitness in West Town



We are located @ 2638 W. Chicago Avenue, but also hold classes out of Kinetic Axis Studio in Lakeview.

Kinetic Axis Studio in Lakeview

2732 N Clark St



tuesday 11:15 at Kinetic Axis

Thursday: 6:00pm At Neuroactive Health & Fitness

Friday: noon at kinetic axis

floating classes are also taking place at different gyms and locations around the city.  We would love to host classes at any location that can accomodate.


(P.S. If those times don't work for you, we love feedback! Please let us know a better time for you!)

  Class sizes are kept small to maximize one-on-one time so please RSVP.      

  $30 per class, for discounts ask about our 6 month and 12 month program