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Introducing NeuroActive Works!

NeuroActive Fitness is a one-of-a-kind fitness class developed and taught by Dr. Adam Bruene. He has designed a special class just for office workers. Did you know that sitting is the worst possible position for your spine? An Uncomfortable employee is going to be less productive, and will cause your cost in healthcare to go up! Lost productive time from common pain conditions among active U.S. workers cost an estimated $61.2 billion annually, largely due to reduced performance while at work.

Dr. Bruene can help decrease numbers of injury and pain, and increase productivity with his easy to teach, easy to do, neurologically founded fitness classes. Research sites that with Dr. Bruene’s methods, days to full recovery from low back pain were reduced from the industry standard 84 days to just 27.4 days. An industry standard recurrence rate of 60% was reduced to 5.4%, and the average cost per member per month was reduced from $195.00 to $108.60 (a reduction of 44%) according to a study done of employees of Michelin.

NeuroActive Fitness teaches stabilization techniques through neurological cues, meaning the brain does the work for us.

The exercises in his NeuroActive Works program are specifically designed for those that sit at a desk all day, to help and even prevent common complaints like low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and wrist problems

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